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Scissor Lift Training | Elevated Platforms Training


Aimed clients

Elevated platform operators (scissor lift)

Training requirements

The operators need to be trained to use a platform, able to do an inspection and asses risks (CSA 354.2-01 – Article 7.1)


Rules on security and safety in the work area (S-2.1)

Standards on elevated platforms (CAN/CSA-B354.02-01)

Elements of expertise

Differentiate le principal mechanical and energetic part that are used to use the equipment

Inspection before use

Describe the functions and characteristics of the equipment used

Detect malfunctions and problems that would affect the proper use of the equipment

Evaluation of risks while working in elevated areas

Full understanding of the nameplate

Full understanding of the safety harness


3.5 hours of theoretical (depending on the equipment)

Practice evaluation in the work area (approximately 30 minutes evaluation per person depending on the equipment)




Formation CC
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