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PECVL Training | Obligations For The Users of Heavy Vehicles

Customer aimed

This PECVL training is offered mostly to drivers

Aimed goals

Assess the impact of their road behavior on the owner files, the responsibilities with the arrival of the new policy on evaluation of the drivers of heavy vehicles. Moreover, it makes it possible to remind all the various regulations in progress in the transportation field in order to decrease the infringements due to the lack of comprehension of the rules.

Aimed goal

  • Overview of the new policy on evaluation of the drivers
  • Explanation on the new program of excellence for the drivers of heavy vehicles
  • Cause and effects.
  • Obligations to fill.
  • Method of inscription.

Theoretical training

  • Introduction to Law PECVL.
  • Obligations of the owners, owners and drivers of heavy vehicles.
  • Status of your files - why any company require all these documents?
  • The Policy on evaluation for the drivers of heavy vehicles.
  • The program of excellence for the drivers of heavy vehicles
  • Overview of the various regulations
  • Hours of driving and rest
  • The inspection before departure
  • The stowing of the loads
  • Road signs and the Highway code
  • Standards for loads and dimensions
  • Special licenses in circulation
  • The follow-up on the behavior: explanations of the various measure of safety
  • Various interventions of the SAAQ and the CTQ


An evaluation will be performed by the trainer followed by a questionnaire (multiple choices).

Time frame

The theory is 4 hours (roughly). It is possible that according to needs' of the company that the duration could be extended until 6 to 8 hours.

This training, when it is minimal, is an overview of the rules in progress but each regulation can be seen in a deeper method with theory and exercises in order to answer the needs specific of the company.


In order to insure proper communication and a good interaction with the trainer, the maximum amount of candidate is 10 per session.


  • Personalizedtraining
  • Followup
  • Results: theory
  • Evaluationfor eachparticipant
  • Recommendations
  • Participation certificates
  • Competencecards

Adapted training

This specialized training can be adapted to your specifics; We require 10 days in order to adapt the information to your needs.


Training organization counsel by the Commission of the partners of the labor for purposes of the application of the Law, supporting the development and the recognition of competences of labor.

Agreement: 0055179 

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