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Overhead Crane Training

Customer aimed for training on overhead crane

This training is aimed for overhead crane operators who didn’t receive a proper formal training on the equipment.

Aimed goals

Safely operate an overhead crane according with the basic safety principles.


  • Differentiate the basic mechanical end energetic element associated with the proper operation of the overhead crane;
  • Describe all the characteristic and function specific to the overhead crane;

Theoretical training

  1. Type of classification
  2. Differencebetweenoverheadcranes
  3. Labels and lifting equipment
  4. Inspection
  5. Maneuvering
  6. Calculatethe weights
  7. Signlanguage
  8. Effect with different angle while lifting and how to distribute the weight
  9. Characteristicsand specificinspections

Evaluation on overhead crane

Written test(multiple-choice questionnaire)

Operating skills evaluation in the work environment.

Trainers will ask the operators to perform safely according to the training received, to carry out current tasks, in their work environment, in order to evaluate and correct the control or the operator.

Time frame :

  • 4 hoursof theory

Practice evaluation performed in the work environment (evaluation of approximately  half an hour per candidate)


The training for overhead crane operator is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per session.


  • Overheadcrane training
  • Personalizd training
  • Followup
  • Results: theory and practice
  • Evaluationfor eachparticipant
  • Recommendations
  • Participation certificates
  • Operatorcards


Training organization counsel by the Commission of the partners of the labor for purposes of the application of the Law, supporting the development and the recognition of competences of labor.

Agreement: 0055179 

Formation CC
7945 Henri Bourassa Est
Montréal, H1E 1N9
(450) 638-1888