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Fork Lift Training | Lift Truck Operator Training

fork lift training

Aimed customers

 The training will be given to all lift truck drivers.

Theoretical training

How to use and operate a fork lift based on safety.

Assessment of the fork-lift operator’s driving

In order to minimize the impact on the production, our instructor evaluates the operator in his work environment.  Every participant is invited to do their current tasks in their usual environment and will immediately put into practice the correctives suggested by the instructor.


  • Recognize specific types of lift trucks and their application.
  • Explain the components of a lift truck and their use.
  • Explain handling procedures on how to load and unload merchandise.
  • Explain defects that could impair the lift truck’s performance or cause accidents.
  • Describe the responsibilities of the lift truck operator within the work environment.


  1. Classification
  2. Rules
  3. Basic operation procedures
  4. Stability and center of gravity
  5. Checklist
  6. Driving and direction change
  7. Moving load
  8. Traveling
  9. Parking
  10. Hoisting
  11. Name plate
  12.  Propane tank replacement and/or battery   charging

Evaluation :

  • Written test (multiple-choice questionnaire)
  • Driving skills (evaluation in the work environment).

Trainers will ask the drivers to perform safely according to the training received, to carry out current tasks, in their work environment, in order to evaluate and correct the control or the operator.

Time frame :

4 hours of theory

Practice evaluation performed in the work environment (evaluation of approximately  half an hour per participant according to the different classification)

Participants allowed in a fork lift training class

The training on lift truck can accept a maximum of 10 future fork lift operator.


  • Fork lift training
  •  Personnalised training
  •  Follow up 
  • Results: theory and practice
  • Evaluation for each participant
  • Recommendations
  • Participation certificates
  • Lift-truck operator cards
  • Participant’s manual 
Formation CC
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